5/21/2020 and 5/28/2020

May 21, 4 p.m. ET:

Promoting Mindfulness in the Online Environment

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May 28, 4 p.m. ET:

The Instructor's Presence in the Online Classroom: Being Student-Centered and Supportive

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Diverse Pathways in Applied Linguistics: Preparing for the Job Market

This AAAL Graduate Students webinar features presentations from early career academicians who work in a variety of applied linguistics contexts. The panelists will discuss how to prepare job application documents, interviewing tips, and various career paths available to grad students going on the job market this year. There will be an open Q&A after the presentations. Location: https://arizona.zoom.us/j/673342009  Contact Xavier Munoz at  xamunozelt@gmail.com.


A Content Teacher's Guide to English Learner Success" online course

It’s most certainly a challenge for you as the teacher to think about all your students, all their various needs, and how to keep them engaged each day so they can make the most of their time with you. I also know that our ESL teachers, our language specialists, have growing caseloads and can’t spend as much time with you or your shared students as we all would like. This leaves a good part of the heavy lifting of language and content in your hands and that’s a lot. So, here’s our promise. What you need is a simple plan, a step by step toolkit that you can use to address the needs of your English learners without creating hours more work. The best part is that following this plan and using the tools in this course will benefit ALL your students because, as you know, all of our students are learning the language of science and the language of math and the language of critical thinking for the first time with you!   Contact  info@englishlearnerportal.com with questions. 

"Teaching Writing to Intermediate and Advanced English Learners" online course

After we address the challenges of teaching academic writing, you’ll learn best practices for helping your intermediate and advanced English learners thrive. Supportive resources throughout the course give you an arsenal of tools you can refer back to as your students continue to make progress with their writing. Contact  info@englishlearnerportal.com with questions. 

"Making Math Accessible to English Learners" online course

No student is a native speaker of mathematics! Math is full of technical language and structures that add another layer to already challenging concepts. In this workshop, you will practice finding what language is needed to be successful in math along with routines and practices to develop that language throughout the day.  Contact  info@englishlearnerportal.com with questions. 

"Immigrant Family and Community Engagement in Schools" online course

Family engagement is increasingly being used as a strategy to support student achievement and to close opportunity gaps. Increase your knowledge of how to build rewarding relationships with your school community.   Contact  laura@englishlearnerportal.com with questions. 


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